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Performance Up Warming

Performance Up Warming

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Performance Up Warming Lotion helps speed up the body’s warm-up process for various sports and physical activity. The warmth helps reduce tension and preps the body for whatever your workout has in store!

  • Warmth reduces tension and helps the body warm up

  • Loosens stiff muscles to help prevent injuries

  • Contains botanical ingredients and moisturizing

  • Naturally scented & Oil Free

    When to use PERFORMANCE UP Warming Lotion

  • Before exercise or when you feel tension or soreness in muscles

  • During outdoor training and activities in cold weather

Shipping & Returns

All Chriology packages ship USPS priority and first-class. We ship within 2 business days and you can expect shipping to take 3-4 days,

Care Instructions

Knee sleeves and wrist wraps are machine washable on cold. Please air dry do not put in dryer.

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